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P12A is an accessory which, thanks to the 12V waterproof socket, allows charge all mobile devices equipped with a cigarette lighter adapter (such as Apple and Android smartphones, tablet, satellite navigators, etc.) or connect a battery charger to recharge the vehicle battery


The device is equipped with a universal support for all motorcycle handlebars 22.2 / 25.6 / 28 mm, thanks to the adapters included (also ideal for BMW and Harley-Davidson handlebars), while its 145 cm length makes it ideal for installation on any type of vehicle

You can also remove the handlebar support and position the outlet in a compartment of the motorcycle or attach it to the panel.

The installation is simple and without any possibility of error (reverse polarity, etc.): Just release the socket from the wiring harness, unscrew the fixing ring nut and insert it into a 28 mm hole, and then secure the socket with the ring and restore the connection with the connecting cable to the battery.

The socket is compatible with all USB adapters for cigarette lighter socket (max. 4.2 Amp - 5 Volt).

BC 12V outlets in are 100% Made in Italy, fully assembled with specific Automotive materials resistant to oils, acids and high temperatures. Each accessory is subjected to a rigid test procedure


The USB socket is equipped with protection from short circuit and automatic shutdown system in case of overload.
The protective cap and the waterproof connection system guarantee maximum impermeability.  

The cable with eyelets, equipped with watertight fuse holder, can also be used for connecting a BC battery charger.


-Cable with eyelets for permanent fixing to the motorcycle battery (length 80 cm)  

-12V cigarette lighter socket