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  • BC Lithium elected best lithium battery in Germany in 2019.
  • Ultralight: LiFePO4 lithium battery for up to 1.9 kg lighter than traditional lead/ acid batteries.
  • It substitutes these lead-acid batteries: YTX7L-BS / YTZ7S / YTZ8V. Corresponding lithium batteries: LTX7L-BS; HJTZ7S-FP; MM-ION-2.
  • Greater Cranking Amperes: up to 50 times the battery capacity
  • Longer lifespan: about 2000 charge and discharge cycles compared to 300 average of a traditional battery.
  • Eco-Compatible (it does not contain acids or heavy metals) and 100% secure: non-combustible and non-explosive, no risk of loss of acid. LED indicator of the battery charge status and BMS (Battery Management System).


This motorcycle LiFePO4 lithium battery BCTX7L-FP replaces the following lead-acid batteries: YTX7L-BS - YTZ7S. Corresponding lithium batteries: LTX7L-BS; HJTZ7S-FP; MM-ION-2.

BC Lithium batteries are lightweight (weighing up to 80% less than the corresponding lead-acid) and provide better performance and a higher power (up to 50 times the battery capacity).

They are particularly adapt for sports use on the track, they have a longer lifespan than conventional lead-acid batteries (approximately 2000 charge / discharge cycles) and can be quickly recharged.

BC Lithium Batteries are safe, environmentally friendly and non-polluting: they do not contain heavy metals, acids (i.e. lead, cadmium, mercury), are non-combustible nor explosive, no risk of chemical leakage.

When the battery is disconnected from the vehicle, it keeps the charge for longer, thanks to its low self-discharge rate. If the battery remains installed on the motorbike, we recommend a regular maintenance with a specific charger (for example BC Duetto).

BCTX7L-FP is a lithium battery ideal for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, jet skis, lawnmowers and Quads.

  • The BC range guarntees simple installation without any risk even for less experienced users
  • Protection against overcharge / overheating, reverse battery poles, permanent short-circuit protection.
  • Thermal protection from overheating.
  • It does not require that the battery is disconnected from the vehicle. 
  • No interference with board electronics of the vehicle
  • Laboratory Tests ensure the manufacturing of products in accordance with local regulations concerning safety and electromagnetic compatibility


  • BCTX7L-FP lithium-iron-phosphate battery, equipped with LED indicator of the state of charge and BMS system for the management of the charge balancing; 
  • Protective cap of the positive pole of the battery; 
  • Nuts and bolts required for installation; 
  • Instruction manual. 
  • Battery Type: LiFePO4 - Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • voltage: 12 Volt
  • Cranking Amperes (CA): 160
  • Weight (kg): 0.6
  • Dimensions (mm): 113x70x85
  • Capacity (Ah): 2
  • Corresponding lead/acid batteries: YTX7L-BS - YTZ7S - YTZ8V
  • Polarity: negative left, positive right


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URE-2008-2016, GAS GAS-EC 125-2011-2011, GAS GAS EC-125 Sixdays-2010-2011-EC 200-2011-2011 GAS GAS, GAS GAS-EC 200-2014-2014, GAS GAS- EC 200 RACING AND-2015-2017, GAS GAS EC-200-RACING 2014-2015 GAS GAS EC-200 Sixdays-2010-2011-EC 250-2011-2011 GAS GAS, GAS GAS-EC 250-2014-2014 , GAS GAS EC-250-4T 2010-2011 GAS GAS EC-250 E-2011 to 2011, GAS GAS EC-250 E-2014 to 2014, GAS GAS EC-250 E-RACING 2014-2017, GAS GAS-EC 250 F-4T 2012-2012, GAS GAS EC-250 F-4T CAMI 2014-2016, GAS GAS EC-250 F-4T RACING 2013-2016, GAS GAS EC-250-RACING 2014-2015 GAS GAS EC-250 Sixdays-2010-2011, GAS GAS-EC 300-2011-2011, 300-2014-2014 EC-GAS GAS, GAS GAS EC-300 E-2011 to 2011, GAS GAS EC-300 E-2014 to 2014, GAS GAS -EC 300 E-RACING 2014-2017, GAS GAS EC-300-F 4T RACING 2013-2016, GAS GAS-EC 300 RACING-2014-2017, GAS GAS EC-300-Sixdays 2011-2011, GAS GAS EC-400 ESF-2002-2003, GAS GAS EC-450 F-4T RACING 2013-2016, GAS GAS EC-450 F 4T REPLICA CERVANTES-2013-2014 GAS GAS EC 450-FSE-2003-2006-GAS GAS EC 450 FSR -2007-2010, GA S-GAS HALLEY 450 R-2009-2010-GAS GAS HALLEY 450 SM-2009-2010 GAS GAS WILD-HP-450 4T 2003-2006 GAS GAS-PAMPERA 450-2007-2009, GAS GAS SM-450 ESF -2003-2006, GAS GAS FSR 450-SM-2007-2009 GENERIC-SOHO 125 DD-2010-2013 GENERIC SOHO-125 DT-2007-2009-HM MOTO CRE-490 X-IE 2007-2008 HM -MOTO CRE-500 X-2008-2010, HM-MOTO-CRE B 125 RR-2T BAJA 2011-2015 HM-MOTO-CRE F 125 X-4T 2008-2009 HM-MOTO-CRE F 125 X 4T BAJA -2010-2017, HM-MOTO-CRE F 125 X 4T-SIX COMPETITION 2010-2011 HM-MOTO-CRE F 125 X RR 4T BAJA-2010-2017, HM-MOTO-CRE F 450 X-2005-2013, HM-MOTO-CRE F 450 X-IE 2007-2008 HM-MOTO-CRE F 500 X-2010-2010, HM-MOTO-CRM 490 X-IE 2007-2008 HM-MOTO-CRM 500 X-2009- 2010 HM-MOTO-CRM B 125 2T COMPETITION DERAPAGE-2011-2015 HM-MOTO B-CRM 125 RR-2T DERAPAGE 2011-2015 HM MOTO-CRM-F 125 4T X-2008-2009 HM-MOTORCYCLE CRM F 125 X 4T DERAPAGE-2010-2017, HM-MOTO-CRM F 125 X 4T DERAPAGE COMPETITION-2010-2011 HM-MOTO-CRM F 125 X RR 4T DERAPAGE-2010-2017, HM-MOTO-CRM 450 F X-2005-2012, HM-MOTO-CRM F 500 X-2 010-2017, HM-MOTO-CSF 125 LOCUST-2011-2017, HM-MOTO-CSF 200 CITY-2011-2016, HM-MOTO-CSF 200 LOCUST-2011-2017, HONDA-CA 125 REBEL-1995-2000 HONDA-CA 125 REBEL 80 KM / H-1995-2000 HONDA CB-125 F-2015-2016, HONDA CB-250-F HORNET 1996-2001 HONDA CB-250 FIFTY-TWO-1996-1998 HONDA-CB 600-F HORNET 1998-2006 HONDA CB-600 S F2 HORNET S-2000-2003 HONDA CBF-125 M-2009-2016, HONDA CBF-250-2004-2006, HONDA CBF-600 N-2004-2007 HONDA-CBF 600 NA ABS-2004-2007 HONDA CBF-600 S-2004-2007-HONDA CBF 600 SA ABS-2004-2007-HONDA CBR 1000 RR FIREBLADE ABS-2017-2017, HONDA CBR 1000-RRS FIREBLADE EDITION-2008-2008, HONDA CBR 1000-S FIREBLADE SP-2014-2016, HONDA CBR 125-RW-2009-2010 HONDA CBR-125 RW 80 KM / H-2009-2010 HONDA CBR-250 R-2011- 2014, HONDA CBR-250 RA ABS-2011-2015-HONDA CBR 300 RA ABS-2014-2016, HONDA CBR-400-RR 1990-1999, HONDA CMX-250 C-REBEL 1996-1999 HONDA CMX-500 A REBEL ABS-2017-2017, HONDA-CRF 150 F-2006-2016, HONDA CRF 250-L-2013-2016, HONDA CRF 250 LA-ABS-2017-2017, HONDA-CRF 250 M -2014-2016, HONDA-CRF 250 RALLY RLA ABS-2017-2017, HONDA CRF 450-X-2005-2016, HONDA FES 125-A S-WING ABS-2007-2013-HONDA FES 125 PANTHEON-2003-2006 , HONDA FES 125-S-WING-2007-2010, HONDA FES-150 A S-WING ABS-2007-2009 HONDA-FES 150 PANTHEON-2003-2005 HONDA FES-150 S-WING-2007-2009 HONDA -NES @ 125 / AROBASE-2000-2006 HONDA NES-150 @ / AROBASE-2000-2006 HONDA-NHX 110 WH LEAD-2008-2013, HONDA NPS-50 ZOOMER 2005-2012, HONDA-NSC 110 MPD VISION CBS-2012-2016, HONDA NSC-50 MPD VISION 16/14 "-2012-2016, HONDA NSC-50 R 2WH REPSOL 14" -2013-2014, HONDA NSC-50 R T2 14 "-2014-2016, HONDA- NSC 50 R T2 TRICOLOR 14 "-2015-2016, HONDA NSC-50 WH VISION 14" -2012-2013, HONDA-NSS 125 AD FORCE ABS-2015-2017, HONDA NX-250-1988-1995, HONDA PCX-125 WW125-2013-2013, HONDA PCX-125 WW125EX2-2010-2016, HONDA PCX-125 WW125EX2 CBS-2017-2017, HONDA PCX-150 WW150-2012-2013, HONDA PCX-150 WW150 EX2-2015-2016, HONDA- PES PS 125 I-2006-2013, HONDA-PES PS 150 I-2006-2010, HONDA-SES DYLAN-125 2002-2006 HONDA SH-125-2001-20 04, HONDA-SH 125 ABS-AI 2013-2017, HONDA SH-125 ANC The MODE-2014-2016, HONDA SH-125 D I-2009-2009, HONDA SH-125 I-2005-2016, HONDA SH-150 -2001-2004, HONDA-SH 150 ABS-AI 2013-2017, HONDA SH-150 I-D 2009-2011 HONDA SH-150 I-2005-2008 HONDA TRX-450 ER Sportrax E-START-2006-2009 , HONDA-VT 125 C SHADOW-1999-2008, HONDA-VT 125 C SHADOW 80 KM / H-1999-2005, HONDA-VT 125 C2 SHADOW-2000-2002 HONDA-VT 125 C2 SHADOW 80 KM / H-2000 -2002, HONDA-VT 250 C MAGNA-1994-1997, HONDA-VTR 250-2009-2011, HONDA-XL 125 V VARADERO-2001-2013, HONDA-XL 125 V VARADERO 80 KM / H-2001-2008, HUSABERG -FE 390 IE ENDURO-2010-2012 HUSABERG FE-450 E-ENDURO 2004-2008 HUSABERG FE-450-IE ENDURO 2009-2012 HUSABERG FE-501 E-ENDURO 2004-2004, HUSABERG FE-550 E Enduro- 2004-2012, HUSABERG FE-650 E-ENDURO 2004-2008 HUSABERG FS-450 C-SUPERMOTO 2004-2005 HUSABERG FS-450 E-SUPERMOTO 2004-2008 HUSABERG FS-570-IE SUPERMOTO 2010-2011 HUSABERG- FS-650 C SUPERMOTO 2004-2008 HUSABERG FS-650 E-SUPERMOTO 2003-2008 HUSABERG FX-450 IE CR OSS-2010-2011, HUSQVARNA SM 450 RR-IE-2009-2010 HUSQVARNA SM-510 R-2005-2007 HUSQVARNA SM 510 R-IE-2008-2010 HUSQVARNA SM 530 RR-IE-2009-2010 HUSQVARNA -SMR 450-2003-2007, HUSQVARNA SMR-450-IE 2008-2010 HUSQVARNA TC-250-4T 2006-2010, HUSQVARNA TC-450-2003-2010, HUSQVARNA TC-510-2005-2009, HUSQVARNA TE-250 4T-2003-2007 HUSQVARNA TE-250-IE 2008-2010 HUSQVARNA TE-310-IE 2009-2010 HUSQVARNA TE-450-2003-2007, HUSQVARNA TE-450-IE 2008-2010 HUSQVARNA TE-510- 2005-2007, HUSQVARNA TE-510-CENTENNIAL 2004-2007 HUSQVARNA TE-510-IE 2008-2010 HYOSUNG XRX 125 LC-ENDURO-2013-2014-HYOSUNG XRX 125 SUPERMOTO LC-2013-2014 KAWASAKI KFX-450 R KSF-2008-2014, KAWASAKI KLX 125-C-2010 to 2017, KAWASAKI KLX-125 D D-TRACKER-2010-2013 KAWASAKI KLX 250-S-2009 to 2017, KAWASAKI KLX-450 R-2007-2017, KAWASAKI ZX-10R-1000-J NINJA 2011-2015 KAWASAKI-ZX-10R NINJA 1000 J ANNIVERSARY EDITON-2015-2016, KAWASAKI ZZR-250 H-1996-2003-KEEWAY F-ACT 125-2008-2013, KEEWAY -Focus 125-2006-2007, 125-2009-2014 KEEWAY HACKER-K EEWAY-LOGIK 125-2013-2017, 150-2015-2015 KEEWAY-LOGIK, KEEWAY MATRIX-125-2006-2009, 125-2007-2014 KEEWAY-OUTLOOK, KEEWAY OUTLOOK 125-SPORT-2010-2012 KEEWAY TX-125 SM-2014-2015, KREIDLER SUPERMOTO 50-DD-2013 to 2014, KTM-DUKE 125-2011-2012, KTM DUKE 125-ABS-2013 to 2016, PGO-G-MAX 125-2005-2015, PGO-T- REX 125-1999-2003, PGO-T-REX 125-2005-2015, PGO-T-REX 150-2001-2003, PIAGGIO FLY-125 DT 3V-IE 2014-2016, PIAGGIO-FLY 50 4T 2V NEW-2014 -2 016, PIAGGIO-FLY 50 4T-4V 2012-2015 PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 125 3V-IE 2014-2016, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 125 IE iget 3V ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 125 IE S iget 3V SPORT ABS-2016 -2 016, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 150 IE iget 3V ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 150 IE S iget 3V ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 50 4T IE iget 3V-2016-2017, PIAGGIO-LIBERTY 50 4T IE iget 3V SPORT-2016-2017, PIAGGIO-MEDLEY 125 IE iget ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-MEDLEY 125 IE S iget ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-MEDLEY 150 IE ABS-2016-2016, PIAGGIO-MEDLEY 150 S IE ABS -2016-2016, SACHS-MadAss 125-2006-2010, SFM-MadAss 125- 2011-2017, ZX-125 II SFM 4T-2014-2017, ZZ-125 II SFM 4T-2014-2017, SKY TEAM-ST125-1 125 10 "PBR-2007-2016, SKY TEAM-ST50 50 10" PBR- 2005-2016, SUZUKI DR-125 SE-1995-1996 SUZUKI DR-125 SE, SEU-1997-2000 SUZUKI DR-125 SM-2008-2013 SUZUKI DR-350 SE-1994 to 1999, SUZUKI-GZ 125 MARAUDER-1998-2013, SUZUKI-GZ 125 U MARAUDER 80 KM / H-1998-2004 SUZUKI-GZ 250-MARAUDER 1999-2008, SUZUKI RMX 450-Z-2010-2017, SUZUKI-RV 125 VAN VAN-2003- 2017, SUZUKI-RV 200 VAN VAN-2016-2017, SUZUKI-UK 110 NE ADRESSE-2015-2015, SUZUKI-UX 125 SIXTEEN-2008-2014, SUZUKI-UX 150 SIXTEEN-2008-2010 SUZUKI VL-125 LC INTRUDER -2000-2008, SUZUKI-VL 125 LC U INTRUDER 80 KM / H-2000-2002 SUZUKI-VL 250 INTRUDER LC-2000-2001 SUZUKI-VL 250 INTRUDER LC-2005-2007 SYM-HUSKY 125-1996- 2005, SYM-JET 25 BASIX-2008-2012 SYM-JET 25 EUROX-2006-2012, SYM-JET 25 R Sportx-2007-2012, SYM-JET 50 EUROX-2006-2014, SYM-JET 50 EUROX EVO- 2013-2015, SYM-JET 50 R Sportx-2007-2015, SYM-JET 50 Sportx SR-2006 to 2015, 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RE-2004-2006 Yamaha DT 125 RE-MX EVERTS-2005-2006, YAMAHA DT-125 X-2005-2006, YAMAHA MT-320 A-03 ABS-2016-2016, YAMAHA MWS-150 A-2016-2016 TRICITY ABS, YAMAHA-TW 125 Trailway H-2002- 2004 YAMAHA TW-125 N Trailway 80 KM / H-2002-2003 YAMAHA WR-250 R-2008-2016, YAMAHA WR-250 X-2008-2014, YAMAHA WR-450 F-2003 to 2017, YAMAHA-WRZ 250-2009-2009, YAMAHA XG-250 TRICKER-2005-2006 YAMAHA X-300 X-MAX-MAX ABS-2017-2017, YAMAHA XT-125 R-2005-2012 YAMAHA XT-125 X-2005-2011 , YAMAHA-XT 225-1992-2007, YAMAHA-XT 250-2008-2015, YAMAHA XVS-125 H DRAG STAR-2000-2004 YAMAHA XVS 125-N DRAG STAR 80 KM / H-2000-2003-YAMAHA XVS 250 DRAG STAR-2001-2004-YAMAHA YBR 125 ED-2007 to 2016, YAMAHA YBR-125 SPD CUSTOM-2008-2016, YAMAHA YBR-250-2007-2013, YAMAHA-YFM 125 R RAPTOR-2011-2013 YAMAHA -YFM 250 RA-2011-2011, YAMAHA YFM 250-RB-2012 to 2012, YAMAHA YFM-RD-250 2013-2014 YAMAHA YFM-250-RSEY SPECIAL EDITION 2009-2009, YAMAHA YFM 250-RX-2008-2008 , YAMAHA YFM 250-RX-SPECIAL EDITION 2008-2008, YAMAHA YFM 250-RY-2009 to 2009, YAMAHA YFM-250 RZ-2010-2010, YAMAHA -YFZ 450 RA-2011-2011, YAMAHA YFZ 450-RB-2012 to 2012, YAMAHA YFZ 450-RB-SE SPECIAL EDITION 2012-2012, YAMAHA YFZ-450 RD-2013 to 2013, YAMAHA YFZ 450-RD SE SPECIAL EDITION -2013-2013, Yamaha YFZ-450 RE-2014-2014, Yamaha YFZ-450 RE-SE SPECIAL EDITION 2014-2014, Yamaha YFZ-450 RF-2015 to 2015, Yamaha YFZ-450 RF-SE SPECIAL EDITION 2015-2015 , YAMAHA YFZ-450 RG-2016 to 2016, YAMAHA YFZ-450 RG-SE SPECIAL EDITION 2016-2016, YAMAHA YFZ-450 RH-2017 to 2017, YAMAHA YFZ 450-RY-2009 to 2009, YAMAHA-YFZ 450 RY SE SPECIAL EDITION-2009-2009, YAMAHA-YFZ 450 RZ-2010-2010, YAMAHA YFZ 450 RZ-SE-SPECIAL EDITION 2010-2011 YAMAHA YZF-R1-1000-2015-2015, YAMAHA YZF-R1-1000 ABS-2016 -2 017, YAMAHA YZF-R1-1000 ANNIVERSARY ABS-2016-2016, YAMAHA YZF-R1-M 1000 SPECIAL EDITION-2015-2015, YAMAHA YZF-R1-M 1000 SPECIAL EDITION ABS-2016-2017, YAMAHA-YZF-R6 600 ABS-2017-2017