Construction Characteristics of Lithium Batteries

BC LITHIUM BATTERIES - Light and performing LiFePO4 batteries

BC LITHIUM BATTERIES is the most complete range of LiFePO4 lithium batteries for starting, lighter than traditional lead / acid batteries and capable of offering starting performance and a significantly higher number of life cycles compared to traditional batteries both during storage , thanks to a reduced self-discharge, both for charge / discharge cycles. BC LITHIUM batteries are ideal for motorcycles, quads and jet skis, especially for sports use, when maximum starting power and a significant weight reduction are required, in compliance with the most rigorous safety standards.

Lead / acid batteries belong to a mature technology that has not undergone substantial changes in recent years. On the other hand, the development of lithium batteries has been remarkable: not only have they become the main solution for the operation of consumer electronics products, but with the development of LiFePO4 technology they have taken on the role of a valid and competitive alternative to lead-acid batteries / acid for the engine start function.

The lithium battery has remained confined to consumer electronics for many years. It was not possible to transfer the benefits to the automotive industry for price and safety reasons. Today, thanks to LiFePO4 technology (Li = Lithium, Fe = Iron, PO4 = Ion Phosphate), present in BC LITHIUM BATTERIES batteries, it is possible to ensure maximum safety and excellent performance for your bike.

Each BC LITHIUM battery consists of four 3.2 Volt LiFePO4 cells, for a nominal voltage of 12.8 Volt. It is important to remember that lithium starter batteries with a different chemical composition (LiCoO2 - Lithium cobalt oxide - Li-Ion or Li-Po) are still present on the market, which do not have the same safety levels as LiFePO4 batteries: their chemical structure is less stable and there is fire hazard under certain operating conditions.

Battery Dimensions

BC LITHIUM batteries have the same dimensions and polarity as the original traditional batteries. The BC LITHIUM BATTERIES range is able to replace more than 90% of the motorcycle batteries on the market!

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Copper terminals

Terminali Batteria in RameCopper Battery Terminals Copper has a conductivity 10 times higher than lead. The use of copper terminals helps to minimize internal resistance, ensuring excellent performance (discharge rate up to 50C) during start-up.


Charge Status LED Indicator

Pulsante Test Stato di Carica BatteriaBattery Charge Status Test Button All BC LITHIUM batteries have a button that allows you to check the battery voltage.


3 LED > 13.15 V Battery charged and ready to start
2 LED > 12.80 V Battery capable of starting the vehicle, recharging is recommended
1 LED < 12.80 V Low Battery, recharge before use


BMS - Battery Management System

A sophisticated electronic circuit (EMC & RoHS Compliance) ensures that the cells are charged and discharged in a balanced way during operation.

4 3.2V cells, 12.8V nominal voltage

The nominal voltage of the battery is similar to that of traditional lead / acid batteries.

Battery shims and supports

Spessori e Supporti BatterieFor some models, in order to ensure that the dimensions are identical to the corresponding lead / acid batteries, plastic supports or adhesive shims are provided for a safe and stable fixing of the battery on board the vehicle.