Become a dealer BC Battery

Why become a BC BATTERY dealer?

For further information on reserved discounts, please contact the sales office at the following number  +442045251175


Thanks to many years of experience in the field, BC BATTERY is able to guarantee safety and reliability of its products.

The company has an in-house Research and Development division capable of improving and implementing existing products, following the feedback from customers and dealers.

The reason for this is very simple: quality and reliable products, Research and Development that is always ready to make constant improvements in line with market indications.

Bc Battery is always in constant evolution, looking to the future.

Advantages of being a BC BATTERY Dealer

  • Targeted and constantly updated promotions
  • After-sales service on all products
  • Sales office and local agents available for any information on products

BC Dealer


BC BATTERY, following the market indications, has produced together with its Research and Development these main collections.

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