Who we are


Our Company


 Set on the outskirts of Milan, Forelettronica Ltd., owner of BC Battery brand designs, develops, manufactures and sells automatic battery chargers of the latest generation for domestic and professional use, lithium batteries, starters emergency / booster cables and / automotive accessories.

Thanks to the experience gained from the consolidated presence on the Italian and international market, the company has a know-how that makes it competitive, and always ready to face the challenges that the current market entails. 

 Our strengths are

  •  The production Italian all, which allows us to offer products high quality and excellent customer support, which will meet all its needs and requirements.
  • focus on the environment, which for us has always been of paramount importance and that our ongoing efforts to seek efficient and eco-friendly solutions without giving up the quality of products and always guaranteeing excellent performance.
  • passion for the automotive industry that drives us to create cutting edge products and innovative , in collaboration with teams and drivers present in national and international competitions such as the World Superbike WSBK 1000 WSBK WSBK 600 and 300, the Italian speed Championship (CIV) in the categories 600 and 300 and the motocross World Championship in the category MXGP.

With our passion

we charge your passion!




  • Our future is increasingly green: BC Battery wants to continue to search for increasingly efficient technologies and eco-friendly: it is our goal and our ambition.


  • In a world that is changing at an ever faster pace, we are determined to always seek the best, to bring to our customers functional, practical and technologically advanced.


  • We know that our customers demand the best: this is why we always strive to ensure high-quality products that are able to meet the needs of the most discerning consumers.