Extension Charger PROL2MT - Length 180 cm

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Code Product for Dealer 710-PROL2MT

You need an extension cord to connect the charger BC to your bike?

Thanks to this accessory to connect the charger / maintainer to your vehicle battery is even easier and faster!

This extension allows to facilitate the connection of any battery charger and maintainer of charge of BC Battery Controller range up to 5 Amps from the vehicle battery to the power outlet.

In some cases it may be necessary to connect the charger to an outlet of particularly far from the current vehicle: thanks to its 180 cm length, the extension PROL2MT easily solves the problem and allows to reach even the outlet farthest current.

Using it is simple:  will suffice to connect the extension to the wiring with pliers or eyelets (both supplied with all BC Battery charger), and then connect the other end to the charger: in this way the connection to the charger is even faster and easier, because it does not require installation of any additional wiring to the battery.


The extension PROL2MT is compatible with all battery charger BC range, and its length of 180 cm makes it especially practical for use in all circumstances.

The accessory is made with specific first quality materials for use in the Automotive (resistant to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress) and is 100% Made in Italy.

The robust connector suitable for use in harsh conditions are a quality guarantee and the connection system to the battery duration: the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC Battery products has allowed us to offer a product solid and durable.

By purchasing an extension cord to be used with your charger and maintainer BC Battery (which already includes in the package a connector with clamps and one with eyelet), you can solve the connection problem between your charger and a distant outlet or in an awkward position, and you can continue to use your BC Battery charger quickly and easily.