BC MAG-M | Magnetic Connector for 12V battery charger

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Product Code for Dealer: 710-MAG-M

BC MAG-M is an accessory that is part of the BC MAG-KIT magnetic connection system for all 12V BC Battery chargers up to 15 Amp.

Thanks to these accessories, connecting the charger / maintainer to your vehicle's battery is even easier and faster!

The MAG-M accessory is the connector on the battery charger side and connects to a magnetic socket on the vehicle side (MAG-F - not included). This accessory can be installed permanently outside the vehicle and can be purchased separately by clicking here.
To connect the MAG-F magnetic socket to your car's battery using eyelets, you can also purchase the special cable sold separately (available in the 80 cm version for motorcycles)
Using it is very simple: simply mount the MAG-F socket on the outside of the vehicle to have an easy and convenient access point for charging, without having to leave the hood or doors open to allow the cables to pass.
At the time of use, simply connect the MAG-M connector to the magnetic socket mounted on the vehicle, then connect the charger to the other end: in this way the charger can be attached and detached instantly thanks to the practical magnet.


In case of vehicle departure with the charger connected, the system releases quickly, avoiding damage to the charger and connectors: this makes it perfect for use on emergency vehicles, which need to leave quickly.
A 24V version of this device is available upon request.
The magnetic connector BC MAG-M is compatible with all the battery chargers and maintainers of the BC Battery range, supports currents up to 15 Amp, is resistant and made with first quality materials specific for use in the Automotive industry (resistant to oils, greases, atmospheric agents, thermal / mechanical stress) and is 100% Made in Italy.
The resistant connectors suitable for use in harsh conditions are a guarantee of quality and duration of the battery connection system: the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC Battery products has allowed us to offer you a solid and durable product in time.
By purchasing the BC MAG-M magnetic connector you can make connection with BC Battery chargers really easy, safe and fast