Work With Us

Why work with us

·         To seize the opportunities and challenges that the electric development and in general of renewable energy needs will be generated over the next 10 years

·         To get involved in a dynamic, competitive and globalized

·         To be part of an Italian manufacturing company with a center of Research & Development

·         To be part of a professional and challenging team, which is enriched through continuous Interaction with its customers worldwide

·         Why believe in a sustainable future: health conscious and welfare of its people and development of the territories where it operates  

·         Why believe in a Made in Italy star in the world

We are always looking for graduates in technical / economic / commercial disciplines in the following areas:

- Marketing (digital and traditional)

- Foreign Commercial (back office)

- production (electronic engineers)

- General and administration-accounting

Preference will be given the interest in the core segments of the company (motorsport, motoring, motorcycling, ITC).

Please send nominations to: enclosing CV and short cover letter presentation / motivation