BC JumpStarter Supercaps batteryless 6800A-24V

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BC JumpStarter Supercaps batteryless 6800A-24V is a professional emergency starter for starting all 24V gasoline and diesel engines thanks to a 6800 Amp current.
Innovative and lightweight - it weighs less than 10 kg - is a booster without a battery that uses the new technology of the supercapacitor, which rapidly accumulate the energy required for ignition, harnessing the energy residual of the vehicle from start battery.
the use of a supercapacitor allows use even at very low temperatures (-40 ° C), and a 1,000,000 cycles duration of life, maintaining the performance unaltered from first to ' last start.
booster recharges in seconds via a 24V battery or in a few hours with the supplied battery charger.
the starter is equipped with a durable ABS shell with ergonomic handle, an LED status indicator charge, high quality cables 150 cm long and pin ze robust, fuse protection and safety switch ON / OFF.
An audible and visual alarm warns the user in case of short circuit or polarity reversal. 

Technical Specifications:

voltage: 24 Volt
current: 6800 A
Charging time 12V battery: up to 2 minutes
recharge time from the charger: max 8 hours
Section cables: 50 mm2
cables Length: 150 cm
Dimensions: 320 x 250 x 500 mm
Weight (kg): 9.8 Kg
operating temperature: -40 ° C - + 50 ° C / -40 ° F - 122 ° F +