12V Socket for BMW Motorbike + 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter ACCFS612V

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Product Code for Dealer 710-ACCFS612V

The pair of ACCFS612V accessories (ACC612V + FS612V) consists of a 12V Hella / DIN.4165 socket with a diameter of 12 mm (commonly used on BMW motorcycles) and a 12V connector for all BC chargers.

Thanks to these accessories connecting the charger / maintainer to your vehicle's battery is even easier and faster!

The cigarette lighter socket can be fixed by locking the support ring on the handlebar, on the side, on the plate support or in any internal compartment of the vehicle.

Using it is very simple: just release the socket from the wiring harness, unscrew the retaining nut and insert it in a hole of 18 mm. Then, attach the grip with the nut and restore the connection with the connection cable to the battery (red eyelet to the positive pole, black eyelet to the negative pole).
At the time of using the charger simply unscrew the red cap, insert the 12V connector in the DIN.4165 socket, then connect the charger to the other end.

To connect the adapter to the DIN.4165 socket on a BMW motorcycle, you must use a charger compatible with the "CAN-Bus" system, such as BC K900 EDGE or BC K900 EVO +


These accessories are made with specific quality materials for Automotive use (resistant to oil, grease, weather, thermal / mechanical stress) and are 100% Made in Italy.

Connectors resistant and suitable for use in harsh conditions are a guarantee of quality and durability of the connection to the battery system, the attention to detail that characterizes the entire range of BC battery products has allowed us to offer a robust and durable product over time.

The eyelets are sized to fit the standards of all the batteries installed on motorcycles, scooters and light vehicles, but can also be used for medium / high capacity batteries (i.e. > 40 Ah), by inserting the eyelet into the clamping screw of the terminals that reach the battery.

For the use of the cable on cars, it is advisable to use the specific cable with eyelets for cars.

A protection fuse is installed on the cable to avoid any problems in case of short circuit.
In addition, the charger + cigarette lighter adapter system is safe for the control unit and for any additional electronic apparatus installed on your vehicle.

BC chargers are designed so as not to produce extra-currents in the electrical system.
This permanent protection is critical to ensure maximum safety, especially when power supply is engaged, and this risk is greater.

By purchasing the pair of ACCFS612V accessories together with your battery charger and maintainer BC Battery ( which already includes in the package a connector with clamps, and one with eyelets), you can equip your motorbike with a 12V lighter socket, and at the same time an adapter to make the connection with BC Battery charger really easy and fast.